Ready to lead?


If you're aged 18-24 and want to help build a country where millions of energised people are connected in thousands of cohesive communities to contribute to one, thriving democracy, then apply for the Emerging Civic Leaders program. 


Develop Skills

Learn practical strategies for addressing social problems, building shared leadership & maintaining momentum so that you can drive social impact.

Create Positive Impact

Go beyond talk and implement an activation that reaches dozens, if not 100+ of your peers and culminates with reporting back to local decision makers.


Grow Your Network

Meet like-minded people and learn from special guests including entrepreneurs, communication experts & social innovators.


""Before doing Emerging Civic Leaders I felt like I really wanted to make a change, but I was overwhelmed... Now I've actually got started on fixing some of the things around me that I found particularly disheartening. I have the tools to effectively communicate with my peers about important topics and I'm noticing a tangible change!""

Emerging Civic Leader Graduate

This isn't about fancy titles or being super political.

This is about everyday people stepping up in their communities to lead.

But knowing where to start and what will actually create impact isn't always easy...

Emerging Civic Leaders is the essential toolkit we wish we had when we were starting out. 

Important bits:

This is for your if you're ready to go beyond talk and take action.

Working in a team, you’ll put lessons learned into action to design and deliver a Pledge to Vote activation that includes consulting your peers on the top issues they’d like to see action on. This culminates in presenting the outcomes of your work to local decision makers (e.g. the local Mayor) along with a discussion on what can be done to take action on these issues.

  • Applications for all 2020 cohorts are open now.
  • Cohort #1 runs from March to May 2020.
  • Weekly face to face meet-ups over 8 - 10 weeks with your team.
  • Learn from great speakers and special guests that work across entrepreneurship, communications & social innovation.
  • Develop practical skills and experience that you can transfer to study, career & other social change opportunities.

Applications Are Open

Don't wait - apply now. It's a quick process and applications are assessed on a rolling basis.


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