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Here’s what our graduates say:
“A must if you want to work for a non-profit” - Sophia
“I have always been interested in social issues, but before ECL I didn’t know how one person could make a difference. Now not only have I had the opportunity to progress issues forward with our Mayor, but I am equipped with countless useful skills and surrounded by a strong support network” -  Katie
“This is for anyone that believes in people being represented fairly…If you’re on the fence just do it. You’re going to meet amazing people. You’re going to be put in a team that will pull the strengths you have with their strengths and together you are going to do something amazing” - Tait
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Imagine this:

An Australia where millions of energised people are connected in thousands of cohesive communities to contribute to one, thriving democracy.

If you're aged 18-24 and want to help build this, then apply for the Emerging Civic Leaders program. 

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If you're aged 18-24 and believe in equality, transparency, representation and other democratic values, and want to learn how to create positive social impact, then apply for the Emerging Civic Leaders program. 


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Develop skills

Learn practical strategies for addressing social problems, building shared leadership & maintaining momentum so that you can drive social impact

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Create positive impact

Go beyond talk and implement an activation that reaches dozens, if not 100+ of your peers and culminates with reporting back to local decision makers

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Grow Your Network

Meet like-minded people and learn from special guests including entrepreneurs, communication experts & social innovators

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This isn't about fancy titles or being super political.

This is about everyday people stepping up in their communities to lead.

But knowing where to start and what will actually create impact isn't always easy...

Emerging Civic Leaders is the essential toolkit we wish we had when we were starting out. 

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We have taken what we have learned in our social impact careers; from working with non-profits like World Vision, government at all levels and corporates like Airbnb, and channelled it into the Emerging Civic Leaders program so that together with you, we can create a world where we can all believe in the people that lead our communities.

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Skye Riggs

Skye is a social entrepreneur and founder of Y Vote. Since launching Y Vote in 2016, Y Vote has reached thousands of young people through their resources and programs on democracy, youth voter participation & civic engagement; establishing Y Vote as a trusted voice on this topic. Skye has subsequently been chosen to represent Australia as a delegate to the World Forum for Democracy, G20 Young Entrepreneurs Alliance and EU-Australia Leadership Forum while also providing commentary to media outlets such as KISS FM, ABC News 24 and Triple J. In 2019 she was named one of the inaugural Obama Foundation Leaders for the Asia Pacific. 

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Tim Middlemiss

Tim is a consultant for social impact who has worked with global organisations like the United Nations and World Vision, local movements like Taronga Conservation Society and the Cancer Council, as well as businesses and government agencies to build and engage their communities. Tim was a founding director of for-purpose creative studio, Agency, co-founder of social impact conference, Expanse, global presenter of World Vision’s global youth leadership conferences and chief advisor to former World Vision CEO, Tim Costello AO. In 2019 he was named one of the inaugural Obama Foundation Leaders for the Asia Pacific. 

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"Before doing Emerging Civic Leaders I felt like I really wanted to make a change, but I was overwhelmed... Now I've actually got started on fixing some of the things around me that I found particularly disheartening. I have the tools to effectively communicate with my peers about important topics and I'm noticing a tangible change!"

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"As someone founding a social business in Sydney, this was invaluable’s an excellent stepping stone to getting involved in leading local or global change, and you get to meet an equally passionate group of individuals!"

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Important bits:

This is for your if you're ready to go beyond talk and take action.

Working in a team, you’ll put lessons learned into action to design and deliver a Pledge to Vote activation that includes consulting your peers on the top issues they’d like to see action on. This culminates in presenting the outcomes of your work to local decision makers (e.g. the local Mayor) along with a discussion on what can be done to take action on these issues.

  • Applications for all 2020 cohorts are open now.
  • Cohort #1 runs from March to May 2020.
  • Weekly face to face meet-ups over 8 - 10 weeks with your team.
  • Learn from Tim, Skye and special guests that work across entrepreneurship, communications & social innovation.
  • Develop practical skills and experience that you can transfer to study, career & other social change opportunities.
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Ready to take action?

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Grad Spotlight: Results

Harnessed their strengths to lead.

Meet Maab and Amber: they were both juggling work & study when they did ECL. They joined a team to lead a creative campaign that included an online quiz, public speaking & activations at local events. This resulted in over 85 pledges. Amber also went on to mentor the next ECL cohort in her community. 

Watch Amber and Maab's video for more.


Grad Spotlight: Results

Learnt how to go big by scaling up.

Meet Tait: a 23 year old uni student whose team generated impact through powerful conversations, 70+ pledges on campus and a meeting with their Mayor.
Tait has always gone big but learned how to mitigate failure. 

Watch Tait's video for more.


Grad Spotlight: Results

Lead through action & grew through friction.

Meet Jordan: a uni student who hadn't got involved in this kind of program before, but came out shining. His team used divergent & critical thinking to help their peers engage more deeply with issues they care about; creating impact through action.

Watch Jordan's video for more.


Grad Spotlight: Results

Applied her entrepreneurial
skillset to drive deeper impact.

Meet Mon: a student and social entrepreneur (she's one to watch!) that honed her knowledge of problem solving to drive deeper impact for her peers that got involved in her team's campaign.

Watch Mon's video for more.


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